About Us

We are a fun, friendly and loosely organized club. We’re very proud to be the oldest continuously operating table tennis club in the California Bay Area. You can contact us by texting or calling Jim Langley at 831-713-7702 (cell phone).

Playing & visiting to watch
We play in the lower level of the CPDES Portuguese Hall in Santa Cruz, California. We have seven playing courts. The floor is cement, the ceiling is eight feet high and the lighting while even is not overly bright on most courts.

Outside the courts there are plenty of chairs and tables to sit and watch the games or hang out. The hall has free WiFi. The cost to play is $5 per player per night (5-11 pm). It’s free to come watch and everyone is welcome. It’s fine to bring refreshments because we don’t have wood flooring that we are worried about.

We have seven beautiful, professional level Butterfly tables each in its own area surrounded by barriers. Two are signed by four-time World Champion Li Zhenshi and Stefan Feth, former teammate of Timo Boll on the German National Team. For special matches we have scorer tables, cards and referees.

Most players who frequent the club have their own paddles that they bring and prefer to play matches with tournament-approved table tennis balls, which they also bring.

New players or those needing to borrow equipment can use the club’s “loaner” paddles and balls. These get lots of use and change in quality and condition over time. We can provide tips on buying your own paddle.

A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT PING PONG BALLS: If you want to purchase your own balls to bring to the club to play with, you want to buy balls that others will want to play with. The best choice is the Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ Balls. These are the same pro quality balls that are used in tournaments around the world. It’s not easy to pick the correct ball online, so here’s an Amazon link to this exact ball https://amzn.to/2u3FyE4 If you buy them and bring them to the club be sure to mark the balls in some inconspicuous way so that you can identify them as yours.

Skill level
Our players range from enthusiastic unrated recreational folks to a core group rating level 1000-1300, another bunch 1400-1800 and a few semi-pros at the 2000 level. Our highest rated players currently are Steven Alfred and Charlie Arbersold, ratings approximately 2300 and 2200 respectively. They are top tournament players with many impressive wins to their credit.

Please note that at our club, it’s fine to challenge anyone you would like to, regardless of your playing level. So don’t be shy. Most players are happy to give you playing advice and tips if you ask.

The club was founded in September, 1992 by J.P. Monnerey, Richard Williams (always known as “Willie”), Stephen Pollard and Jim Langley. Due to his job, J.P. left the area relatively early in the club’s life. The club officers became Willie, president, Jim, vice president and Stephen Pollard served as our secretary and webmaster.

Many years have passed and thousands have played at the club including traveling professionals and representatives of table tennis manufacturer Nittaku in Japan. Over those years, our President, Willie and secretary Stephen died. They will always live on in all they did for the club. Today, Jim is still serving at vice president and Ray is our webmaster.

From day one we always wanted our club to be a place for all players, beginners to experts. We never wanted to be an “elite” club that can give the feeling that you’re not good enough or unwelcome. Thanks to our many loyal players, we have an awesome club and in many ways one of the best you’ll play at. We hope to see you at the club!

We play on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-11pm (Check calendar to confirm)