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Top 10 Points | Hungarian Open 2019

Funny photo #1

Art pong

For those of us in small homes, there is a brilliant mini ping pong table you can hang on your wall. Super-pricey with shipping from England. Hopefully, prices will come down…

Top 10 Points of 2018

Top 10 Points | Swedish Open 2018

Orange plastic balls starting to become available

Both at Paddle Palace and AliExpress, the wait for high-quality orange versions of the new plastic balls is finally over.

Some Pong Silliness

Top 10 Points | Men’s World Cup 2018

Top Ten Points | Women’s World Cup 2018

Magazine spread on Timo Boll

Top 10 Points | Bulgaria Open 2018

Space pong

Top 10 Points | Australian Open 2018

Why we lose games…

Top 10 Points | Japan Open 2018