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Top 10 Points 2017 Qatar Open

Top 40 Table Tennis Blogs

Some great blogs here to fol­low. Top 40 Table Ten­nis Blogs & Web­sites Every Table Ten­nis Fan Must Fol­low

Top 10 points Hungarian Open 2017

Top 10 Points World Tour Grand Finals 2016 (Qatar)

Top 10 points Swedish Open 2016

Ping pong in the New Yorker comics

Fun video at The New York­er

Top 10 Points Austrian Open 2016

Art meets Pong

Art show and auc­tion, The Art of Ping Pong, has an usu­al com­bi­na­tion of art and a love of ping pong.  Auc­tion ends tomor­row.

Vote Today 11/8/2016

Top 10 Points 2016 Women’s World Cup

Top 10 points — China Open 2016

A new museum of table tennis to be created in China

Check it out. The largest muse­um ever devot­ed to table ten­nis. 

Top 10 — 2016 Czech Open

Top 10 Points Bulgaria Open 2016

Rio Olympic Table Tennis

Part of the Olympic Games since Seoul 1988, table ten­nis is the most pop­u­lar rack­et sport in the world. The first games are on Sat­ur­day, August 6. Check out the sched­ule and stats of the teams. And though I’m not cer­tain,