Club Rules

  • OPEN PLAY: A play­ing ses­sion usu­al­ly begins with a warm up, fol­lowed by a 11-point ‘Best of 5’ match. If two play­ers elect to prac­tice instead of play­ing a match, they must play a match if chal­lenged.
  • HOW TO CHALLENGE: If all tables are occu­pied, the new­ly arrived play­er can chal­lenge or stake their claim to play by plac­ing their pad­dle next to the cho­sen table. By the same token, a play­er who is cur­rent­ly play­ing at a table can­not chal­lenge to play at anoth­er table at the same time.
  • TWO MATCH RULE: If you have played two or more match­es at the same table, it is sug­gest­ed that you vacate the table if there is a chal­lenge.
  • DOUBLES: If the club is crowd­ed, it is strong­ly rec­om­mend­ed to play dou­bles (two peo­ple on each side). Dou­bles is also a great way to play a slight­ly slow­er game and learn many dif­fer­ent styles.

Offi­cial and detailed table ten­nis rules.