Thank you Harvey for sending this info.

April 29, 1934-January 17, 2018

Lew was one of the earliest members of our club, joining shortly after it opened.

His friendly demeanor, and his constant smile made him a favorite to challenge. All challengers were comfortable on the table when playing against Lew. He improved his game through the years and added to it, incorporating a vicious spin return before he retired a few years ago with a shoulder injury. All who were fortunate enough to know him, will miss him.

There will be a memorial service tomorrow, Friday, January 19 at 3PM, at Beit Olam Jewish cemetery at 550 Old San Jose Road (Soquel). If you turn off of Soquel and head toward Soquel High School, which is on your left, you’ll see the Beit Olam – Eternal Home – Cemetery on your right.

Lewis will be buried in the Jewish Section, so go through the Jewish Gate, and it’s the section closest to the office building

If the weather is bad, a tent will be set up, and there will be chairs.

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