Table Tennis Postage Stamps

Like a lot of kids in the pre-internet world, I collected stamps. I’m in the process of finally giving my collection away and discovered this Czech stamp. That got me wondering how many table tennis-related stamps are out there in the world. Turns out there are a lot.

In a sorta connected theme, I want to point out that I added the ability to read this site in multiple languages – look for flags at bottom of the site. If there are any additional languages you feel should be added, please post a comment.

Table tennis ball weight v2, 2021 Edition

Table tennis ballA couple years ago, I posted a comparison of the weight of table tennis balls. Now that we have a new generation of balls, I figured I’d generate a new comparison. These are the four most recent balls I’ve purchased. I used a professional scale to weigh two balls of each type and find the mean.

First, the ITTF requirements

The official rules state that the ball shall weigh 2.7g, but any weight between 2.67 and 2.77g is acceptable for any one ball. No more than 1 ball out of the 24 sampled may be outside this range. The sample mean must be between 2.69 and 2.76g.

Second, the data

My data is based on weighing 2 balls of each variety, then doing a mean. So, yes, I have a smaller quantity sample (ITTF requirements are based on 24 balls), but I’m guessing that my random two balls measurement is representative. All balls were within the mean, so the weight difference between the balls is pretty damn small. All 40+.


Nittaku 40+ Premium White

Nittaku 40+ Orange Nexcel

Butterfly R40+


Not really a big difference, but once again, the Nittaku 40+ Premium are the lightest. Weight isn’t the only variable that makes a great ball, but it is the only one I can measure.

2021 WTTC in Houston + Top 10 Shots from 2005 WTTC

Great chance to see players from around the world. First time the Finals will be played in the USA. Wish I could go… Tix are selling out, so grab them and get to TX for some pong and BBQ.

Tickets are now on sale for the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships (WTTC). The best table tennis players from around the world will make their way to Houston, TX to compete for a championship title. This year the WTTC will take place at George R. Brown Convention Center from Nov. 23 – Nov. 29.

More info on tickets and more.


Street Table Tennis

Though I knew there were many public places to play table tennis around the world, I recently discovered there is a new twist: organized amateur competitions. It started in Barcelona and has spread to London and other European cities and towns. In addition, there is a StreetTT app and website which is helping to organize amateurs who want to compete without all the usual training and stress. Seems like a fun idea though I’m not sure the Santa Cruz area has enough public tables to put us on the map. As of last check, the towns involved were all in Europe, but I can see this spreading throughout the world.

Check out The Street Table Tennis Phenomenon for more information.