Table tennis ballA couple years ago, I posted a comparison of the weight of table tennis balls. Now that we have a new generation of balls, I figured I’d generate a new comparison. These are the four most recent balls I’ve purchased. I used a professional scale to weigh two balls of each type and find the mean.

First, the ITTF requirements

The official rules state that the ball shall weigh 2.7g, but any weight between 2.67 and 2.77g is acceptable for any one ball. No more than 1 ball out of the 24 sampled may be outside this range. The sample mean must be between 2.69 and 2.76g.

Second, the data

My data is based on weighing 2 balls of each variety, then doing a mean. So, yes, I have a smaller quantity sample (ITTF requirements are based on 24 balls), but I’m guessing that my random two balls measurement is representative. All balls were within the mean, so the weight difference between the balls is pretty damn small. All 40+.


Nittaku 40+ Premium White

Nittaku 40+ Orange Nexcel

Butterfly R40+


Not really a big difference, but once again, the Nittaku 40+ Premium are the lightest. Weight isn’t the only variable that makes a great ball, but it is the only one I can measure.

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