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Thanks to Jim Langley and most of the SCTTC club, the first monthly tournament was a great success! I had a great time after getting over the nervousness of “competing” for the first time. For those who didn’t see Jim’s email:

Thanks everyone for attending the league and making it so much fun. We had a total of 20 players on 5 tables and every match and table was competitive. In fact, after everyone left, David Bergevin – who has run lots of volleyball round robin tournaments – and I, had to put our heads together to figure out the results on some of the tables because we had 3-way ties on several of them. That shows how competitive each round robin was.

Table Winners for our first league were:

Table 5 – Eric
Table 4 – Ray
Table 3 – David Bergevin
Table 2 – Shrikant
Table 1 – Steven Alfred

I want to repeat that most of the tables were so closely contested that only a few points would have changed the outcome, so you all are winners. We did not calculate 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. We only figured out who had the most wins and most losses on the tables so that we would know who changes tables next time.

Next League Night

We are closed the first week in May, so the next league night will be Thursday, May 12th.

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