LeagueNight4282016League Report

Thanks everyone for another super fun league night – official league photo attached!! Don’t we look marvelous? Feel free to share on your channels.

High fives to Dave Bergevin for the design work and printing of our amazing match sheets (they even show which player scores each match – and soon we will have enough score cards for every table). Dave also bought and brought all the tasty treats. Wow, thank you Dave!!

More thanks to all who arrived early to setup and for everyone who came to watch and cheer us on.

I appreciate everyone handling their own table last night, which allowed me to play. That was great and I hope it didn’t cause any issues for anyone. If so, let’s talk about it. If anyone has ideas or questions or improvements for next time (date to be determined later but it will be more than 2 weeks this time), please pass them along. Let’s keep the league fun for everyone.

ONE CHANGE we will try to implement is to make sure we have at least 4 players per table. The 3-player tables last night ended too quickly and I think players would have liked more matches.

Congratulations to all players. The matches were fiercely competitive.

Our league champions for 4/28 are… (much applause and fanfare heard throughout pingpongdom)

T1: PD
T2: Mickey
T3: Victor
T4: Bob
T5: Paco
T6: Jane

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