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Classical music meets ping pong.

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The future of ping pong robots

A new appear­ance of OMRON’s table ten­nis robot, For­pheus. Looks like they con­tin­ue to improve on it. I’m not con­vinced it would do well ver­sus most of our club mem­bers, but it won’t be long before you no longer need

WP article: Table tennis: It might be time to take it up again–11e4-9d9b-86d397daad27_story.html?hpid=z13

SC Sentinel 12/23/12 article on club member Herb Rossman

Good Times article

King Pong Writ­ten by Chris J. Mag­yar Good Times, Wednes­day, May 28, 2008 Table ten­nis — the world’s sec­ond-most-pop­u­lar sport — comes out of the base­ment. Richard “Willie” Williams found­ed the San­ta Cruz Table Ten­nis Club in 1994 after 30