Club notice

SCTTC Store Now Open!

Eco sport shirt from CafePressIt has been awhile since we had new t-shirts so in order to always have shirts available, we’ve created a CafePress store. You have choices of shirts, colors, styles, and sizes. This includes an “Eco Sport” shirt which is moisture-wicking. Also in the shop are sweatshirts and hats, and soon will be some sticker options. If there is anything you don’t see, let Ray know.

Donate items for Portuguese Hall auction

We are all grateful to the Portuguese Hall for letting us use their space for our Club.

The Hall is having an auction to raise money for repairs and has asked us for donations. Please donate anything you can.

These are the things they will find most useful:

  • Checks made payable to: CPDES
  • Pottery
  • Vases
  • Jewelry
  • Children’s toys and games
  • Knick-knacks
  • Things your grandmother might have made, such as crocheted items
  • Anything that might sell at an auction
  • [No clothing please]

Debbie has brought in a bin for donations by the front door. If it’s a check, please give to Jim.

SCTTC becomes a non-profit corporation

Finally! We are now officially a Non-Profit Corporation!

For the first time, this means that contributions are tax deductible!

Why would you donate? To help the club thrive and also improve our playing conditions. Some ideas: we could buy more ball baskets and picker-uppers, fence off areas balls disappear into/under, purchase more club shirts, provide tournament level balls for every table, maybe open another day, etc.

If you would like to donate, please write donation checks to Santa Cruz County Table Tennis Club, Inc. and help keep our wonderful club going strong! Checks can be given to club officers, Debbie, Jim or Ray.

Thank you, players!

It is required that we send donation acknowledgment letters to donors who give a gift of $250 or
more, but in order to encourage donations, we will send donation acknowledgment letters to
donors who give a gift of $50 or more.