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Top 10 Points | Australian Open 2018

Why we lose games...

Top 10 Points | Japan Open 2018

Top 10 Points | China Open 2018

How Table Tennis Paddle Rubber is Made

Inter­est­ing video which could use a few more details…

Top 10 Points | Olympics

Top 10 Points | Hong Kong Open 2018

New bi-color balls

I just ordered some of these to share with the club. Not sure of the star num­ber, but for the price, they should be fine for prac­tice. Appears to be the first plas­tic bi-col­or ball.  

Best points of WTTC 2018

Club closed week of May 7

Club is Closed this week on both May 8 and 10.

TT Competitions in California

This is a good link to have to auto­mat­i­cal­ly see what table ten­nis com­pe­ti­tions are hap­pen­ing in the near future in Cal­i­for­nia. The next big one is in Sacra­men­to. Note the dead­line for entry is May 9.  

Wonder How Nittaku Premium 40+ Balls are Made?

Not much Eng­lish here, and unnec­es­sar­i­ly long, but inter­est­ing to see the process.

Top 10 Points | Qatar Open 2018

I love the qual­i­ty of these new Top 10 videos.

Top 10 Points | 2018 Team World Cup

Classical music meets ping pong.

Read the arti­cle.