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Top 10 Points | Korea Open 2019

Chinese national team is in Los Angeles

Chinese national team is in Los Angeles for a couple weeks.

New training robot looks good

The folks at Joola (which I now know is pronounced Yola) have a new robot in the works, the JOOLA Infinity, that looks great for the home user. Hard to know if it will live up to the hype, but

Nice article about a Palestinian table tennis player

The moral of the story is to never stop playing.

Top 10 Points | Japan Open 2019

Top Ten Points | Hong Kong Open 2019

Top 10 Points | China Open 2019

TopSpin Santa Clara to close this weekend

Sad news in Santa Clara. The great TopSpin table tennis club is closing for good on June 23. A combination of personal issues, zoning issues, and limited profits are to blame. They are selling off tables and rubber flooring. Contact

A slice of NYC ping pong

Top 10 Points | WTTC 2019

Top 10 Points | Qatar Open 2019

Everything you wanted to know about TT in one chart

Commentator for all those TT videos: Adam Bobrow

Nice article about TT commentator Adam Bobrow. Working hard to bring popularity to the sport. He is also famous for a couple other YouTube videos including:

World TT Championships Coming to USA in 2021

For the first time, the World Table Tennis Championships will be held in the USA – in Houston. We have a couple years, but it will be exciting to have an international event here in the US.  

TT Robot of the Future

This robot continues to improve. One day, we can all own one…