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Top Ten Points | CCB ITTF Europe Top 16 Cup

Top 10 Points | Universal 2019 ITTF-Pan American Cup

Top 10 Points | Hungarian Open 2019

Funny photo #1

Art pong

For those of us in small homes, there is a brilliant mini ping pong table you can hang on your wall. Super-pricey with shipping from England. Hopefully, prices will come down…

Letter read at service for Willie

Thank you to David Rudesill for allowing us to post this here. I think it represents what a lot of thought of Willie’s generosity. Dear friends, I regret not being here in person, but it’s very important to me to

Club president, Richard “Willie” Williams, has died

PLAYERS – After a long illness, our amazing club president of 26 years, Richard “Willie” Williams passed away the day before Christmas. He will be missed by all. Below are the details on the services planned in his honor both

Top 10 Points of 2018

Top 10 Points | Swedish Open 2018

Orange plastic balls starting to become available

Both at Paddle Palace and AliExpress, the wait for high-quality orange versions of the new plastic balls is finally over.

Some Pong Silliness

Top 10 Points | Men’s World Cup 2018

Happy 75th to Willie!

Long-time club president Richard Williams, AKA Willie, turned 75 this week. A great party with club friends and food! Thanks to everyone who brought munchies and celebrated with us!

Top Ten Points | Women’s World Cup 2018

Magazine spread on Timo Boll