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Club closed week of May 7

Club is Closed this week on both May 8 and 10.

TT Competitions in California

This is a good link to have to automatically see what table tennis competitions are happening in the near future in California. The next big one is in Sacramento. Note the deadline for entry is May 9.  

Wonder How Nittaku Premium 40+ Balls are Made?

Not much English here, and unnecessarily long, but interesting to see the process.

Top 10 Points | Qatar Open 2018

I love the quality of these new Top 10 videos.

Top 10 Points | 2018 Team World Cup

Classical music meets ping pong.

Read the article.

New Club T-shirts in the Works!

I’m working on a new design for the club t-shirts and will have some example images in the next week or two. The color of the shirts will be a blue (hopefully a greyish blue) with ink-color to be determined

Top 10 Points | Hungarian Open 2018

Long-time club member Lewis Weinstein has died

Thank you Harvey for sending this info. LEWIS WEINSTEIN April 29, 1934-January 17, 2018 Lew was one of the earliest members of our club, joining shortly after it opened. His friendly demeanor, and his constant smile made him a favorite

The future of ping pong robots

A new appearance of OMRON’s table tennis robot, Forpheus. Looks like they continue to improve on it. I’m not convinced it would do well versus most of our club members, but it won’t be long before you no longer need

Top 10 Points | Grand Finals 2017

Top 10 points of 2017

Top 10 points | Swedish Open 2017

Top 10 Points | German Open 2017

New ping pong magazine startup

A group of creative Australians are trying to start a new hip magazine, ARGHK, about the world of table tennis. Looks like it has potential. Only cost $19 for the first issue.