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Top 10 Points | Women’s World Cup 2017

Top 10 Points | Men’s World Cup 2017

Top 10 Points | Austrian Open 2017

New version of plastic balls becoming available

A new generation of plastic balls made with ABS plastic seem to be a noticeable improvement over the initial plastic balls (poly). For a more official review check out:

I’ve been experimenting with the Andro version which has also been getting decent reviews. So far, I feel it is definitely closer to the feel of the celluloid ball than the poly balls. Need to give it a few more weeks of play to be sure. If you’d like to try it out, post a comment below and I’ll bring one into the club.

Top 10 points Bulgaria Open 2017

Some vintage ping pong humor

These kids are better than I’ll ever be

New world tournament with alternate rules – T2APAC

A new-style tournament with different rules and slightly different table is now in progress in Malaysia. 24 of the world’s best players are in it for the largest ever TT prize US$1.75 million. More info.

Search Youtube for T2APAC 2017 to see the latest games.

Incredible final match 2017 World Championships | Highlights MA Long vs. FAN Zhendong

Club is CLOSED May 23 and May 25

Sorry folks, the club is closed the week of May 23 and May 25.

How table tennis balls are made. Great video.

Top Ten Points | Korea Open 2017

Fact or Fiction: The Life & Times of a Ping Pong Hustler

Fact or Fiction: The Life & Times of a Ping Pong Hustler is a documentary about Marty Reisman, one of the most famous American players of his era. Now available to stream on devices with Amazon Prime or YouTube if you pay. I just watched it last night and though it doesn’t have nearly enough ping pong in it, it is worth seeing for a bit of history and the wacky character of Marty Reisman himself at the end of his life.

Top 10 Points 2017 Qatar Open

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Some great blogs here to follow.

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