New world tournament with alternate rules — T2APAC

A new-style tour­na­ment with dif­fer­ent rules and slight­ly dif­fer­ent table is now in progress in Malaysia. 24 of the world’s best play­ers are in it for the largest ever TT prize US$1.75 mil­lion. More info.

Search Youtube for T2APAC 2017 to see the lat­est games.

Incredible final match 2017 World Championships | Highlights MA Long vs. FAN Zhendong

Club is CLOSED May 23 and May 25

Sor­ry folks, the club is closed the week of May 23 and May 25.

How table tennis balls are made. Great video.

Top Ten Points | Korea Open 2017

Fact or Fiction: The Life & Times of a Ping Pong Hustler

Fact or Fic­tion: The Life & Times of a Ping Pong Hus­tler is a doc­u­men­tary about Mar­ty Reis­man, one of the most famous Amer­i­can play­ers of his era. Now avail­able to stream on devices with Ama­zon Prime or YouTube if you pay. I just watched it last night and though it doesn’t have near­ly enough ping pong in it, it is worth see­ing for a bit of his­to­ry and the wacky char­ac­ter of Mar­ty Reis­man him­self at the end of his life.

Top 10 Points 2017 Qatar Open

Top 40 Table Tennis Blogs

Some great blogs here to fol­low.

Top 40 Table Ten­nis Blogs & Web­sites Every Table Ten­nis Fan Must Fol­low

Top 10 points Hungarian Open 2017

How to get more spin on serves — Tutorial

Good tip for increas­ing spin.

Top 10 Points World Tour Grand Finals 2016 (Qatar)

Top 10 points Swedish Open 2016

Oldest club member, Herb Rossman, turns 89

Herb RossmanHap­py Birth­day Herb! We haven’t seen you at the club late­ly but we’re think­ing of you!

Ping pong in the New Yorker comics

Fun video at The New York­er

Top 10 Points Austrian Open 2016