Happy 75th to Willie!

Willie's 75th birthday group of table tennis players

Willie’s 75th

Long-time club president Richard Williams, AKA Willie, turned 75 this week. A great party with club friends and food! Thanks to everyone who brought munchies and celebrated with us!

Top Ten Points | Women’s World Cup 2018

Magazine spread on Timo Boll

Magazine spread of Timo Boll

I recently found this great spread from 2016 in a German magazine of Germany’s most famous table tennis player.

Top 10 Points | Bulgaria Open 2018

Space pong

Top 10 Points | Australian Open 2018

Why we lose games…

Top 10 Points | Japan Open 2018

Top 10 Points | China Open 2018

How Table Tennis Paddle Rubber is Made

Interesting video which could use a few more details…

Top 10 Points | Olympics

Top 10 Points | Hong Kong Open 2018

New bi-color balls

Bi-color table tennis ballsI just ordered some of these to share with the club. Not sure of the star number, but for the price, they should be fine for practice. Appears to be the first plastic bi-color ball.


Best points of WTTC 2018

Club closed week of May 7

Club is Closed this week on both May 8 and 10.